Wisdom Wednesday

wells of joy

O God, you are my God…”

David’s cry to God is a cry of faith and trust.
It’s Wisdom Wednesday.
Time to ponder…please comment below to share how God is speaking to your heart.

Trust 1
Trust 2
Trust 8
Trust 3
Trust 4
Trust 5
Trust 6
Trust 7


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9 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. Pat, How do we know when we are being lead by the Lord to make a decision? I had an instance yesterday, cause me to feel torn in major life decision. I have been praying about it.

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    1. Blessings Sister, Press into Him in prayer as you are doing; reading and meditating on His Word – He has a way of lifting a due Word in season right off the page – devotion, communion with Him, worship; Godly counsel; circumstances but one should be careful here as every circumstance is not of God but enemy created; there are some questions to talk to God about and walk thru, i.e., how will this bring God glory, is this of my spirit or flesh, will it harm the Kingdom, are these thoughts fear or faith, etc. One thing to know for sure, God speaks to His children and we move when we have heard from Him. In the meantime, we remain in faith and keep doing the last thing we heard Him say until we hear something different. I hope this helps…lifting you in prayer. In His Love.


  2. Thank you. I feel that God has blessed me with so much, answered so many prayers. When distracting options present themselves, it is like the shiny thing in the window drawing you to “buy” something you don’t need. Momentarily we feel like we may want it, but we know we don’t need it and ultimately that item will not bring joy. It is true faith that brings joy.. I know I must hold onto that.

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    1. You nailed it! The enemy and Jesus was on the mountain and satan offered Jesus some things…the whole purpose was to keep Jesus from fulfilling His purpose and bringing the Father glory. He will do the same with us…everything that shines is not of God. Keep seeking, God will speak in His appointed time.


  3. Thankful! that my personal relationship with Christ is built on “TRUST.” As #5 states “If I can trust God to save me for eternity, I can trust him to lead me for a lifetime.” Blessed to know that life can & will bring it’s ups and downs as in dry and weary land. “BUT” a taste of God’s goodness and being able to go to him in prayer makes each day he allows sweeter than the day before.

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  4. #6 – Tasting God’s goodness has been a blessed assurance for me this week. Having to work out in the cold dealing with sinus headaches, back pain, clearing wood from the back yard, dropping off lawn mowers for the summer grass cutting. Honestly, I just didn’t have the strength to complete these tasks but it came to me that all I had to do was ask for strength from my Father who has it all and He would supply strength in my weakness. He gave me overwhelming strength for all the tasks causing me to give Him all praise and worship. He is still an Awesome God, King of kings and Lord of lords.

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