Jonah speaks: love and obedience

John 14.23

Jonah 1-4

Well, the first thing you need to understand is that “whatsoever you do, do it all for God’s glory,” requires that you love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength…for real. Love proven out in obedience.

In John 14:23, God speaks saying “if anyone loves me, he will obey my teachings.” Obedience because God said so (Luke 5:5) and because obedience will be the overflow of a sincere love for God.

I learned in the fish’s belly that love is more than lip service. The Lord caused me to know that even though I said I loved God with my all, I really loved my way and plan more than His – and my way and plan did not reveal His person, nor did it reveal His nature, and my disobedience certainly did not acknowledge that He was the priority of my life. Nor did my way or plan reveal even an inkling of God’s beauty or His excellence.

If you want your “whatsoever you do” to bring God glory-
sincere, committed, obedient love is a must!

Another thing about obedience, you can’t skip classes in God’s kingdom. Did you notice that God had the fish to spit me right back to the place where I disobeyed? All that trouble and mess I was in, next to death – and once I did repent and turn back to God, the Lord took me back to the place of my disobedience and said let’s pick up, where we left off, go to Nineveh –“whatsoever do you, do all for His glory.”

Mark 12.31Remember in Mark 12:31 God also says, “love your neighbor as yourself.” Well I failed miserably because love is action and my actions did not reveal God’s love, care, concern or compassion for the lost. I really only thought of myself and what I wanted. In fact, the ship was about to go under and I was so indifferent to the danger my sin placed others in that I was sleeping.

Even when others on the ship woke me, asking me to pray, they had to ask before I told them the problem was with me. I caused them to lose their cargo and endangered their lives – that’s not love. Instead of revealing God’s love along with His other attributes and His priority in my life, I revealed my own selfishness and self-centeredness. I was on the boat but I sure did miss the boat when it came to revealing the heart of God.

Doing it all for God’s glory means His love, grace, mercy, compassion, care, kindness, patience, joy flowing through you to your others. It really does take a denying of self, taking up your cross daily, and following Jesus.

I learned much in the stomach of a big fish.
I pray that God’s Spirit will use my experience and the Word of God
to make a difference in your “whatsoevers” so you won’t have to visit that stomach.
I was miserable.

Matthew 5.14

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