Glory wisdom continued…

Psalm 86.12A

I pray that you will continue in your soul investment and spend time and meditation on the Scriptures and quotes below regarding God’s glory. Let’s continue to pray and ask God to open our hearts to His truth and transform us even more into the image of His Son. You may want to leave an encouraging comment that will give God the glory He so richly deserves and encourage someone else on this journey.

“The purpose of creation is that we bring God glory because we have been made in His image. The purpose of salvation is that we bring God glory by being remade in His image. The purpose of the Bible is to teach us how we bring God glory by living out being remade in His image.”   ― Chris Green, Cutting to the Heart

Glory 11

“When the glory of God is the treasure of our lives, we will not lay up treasures on earth, but spend them for the spread of his glory. We will not covet, but overflow with liberality. We will not crave the praise of men, but forget ourselves in praising God. We will not be mastered by sinful, sensual pleasures, but sever their root by the power of a superior promise. We will not will nurse a wounded ego or cherish a grudge or nurture a vengeful spirit, but will hand over our cause to God and bless those who hate us. Every sin flows from the failure to treasure the glory of God above all things.”  ― John Piper, Preaching the Cross

Glory 7

“[God] is able to take your life, with all of the heartache, all of the pain, all of the regret, all of the missed opportunities, and use you for His glory.”  ― Charles R. Swindoll, Moses: A Man of Selfless Dedication

Glory 1


“God ultimately raises up leaders for one primary reason: His glory. He shows His power in our weakness. He demonstrates His wisdom in our folly. We are all like a turtle on a fence post. If you walk by a fence post and see a turtle on top of it, then you know someone came by and put it there. In the same way, God gives leadership according to His good pleasure.”
― Matt Chandler, Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church

Glory 5

“God is most glorified in us when are most satisfied in Him.”   – John Piper

Glory 13

Glory 16

Please leave a comment as the Lord directs for your heart. Blessings today!

To Know Jesus as Lord and Savior

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