Come on, check yourself!

Psalm 150A

This is the way you do it.
Hold your hand in front of your mouth (2-3 inches from your mouth),
take an almost deep breath,
breathe out as you open your mouth.
Did you feel anything? If the answer is yes, God has blessed you with breath.

I followed the above instructions and found that I have breath as well! Hallelujah! I’m praising Him even right now! There is power when the brethren come together so how about we meet with our brothers and sister in Christ this morning and praise the Lord with the voice of triumph?!

Psalm 122.1

Let’s worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords together in Spirit and in Truth.

Psalm 150.3

Psalm 150

Blessed and Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!!!

To Know Jesus as Lord and Savior

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5 thoughts on “Come on, check yourself!

  1. Deep in my heart I praise and thank God for every breath He has given me. Life is a gift even more precious when you have come so close to losing it. That I know from personal experience. And I REALLY look forward to the life He has promised me that is to come! There is no reason not to shout Hallelujah!!!

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