Worship | Plague 3 – Lice


009-moses-plagues-3 gnats

Exodus 8
16 So the Lord said to Moses, “Tell Aaron, ‘Raise your staff and strike the ground. The dust will turn into swarms of gnats throughout the land of Egypt.’” 17 So Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord had commanded them. When Aaron raised his hand and struck the ground with his staff, gnats infested the entire land, covering the Egyptians and their animals. All the dust in the land of Egypt turned into gnats. 18 Pharaoh’s magicians tried to do the same thing with their secret arts, but this time they failed. And the gnats covered everyone, people and animals alike.

19 “This is the finger of God!” the magicians exclaimed to Pharaoh. But Pharaoh’s heart remained hard. He wouldn’t listen to them, just as the Lord had predicted.

The magicians failed. They could not duplicate this plague and publicly acknowledged that this is God. Not Pharaoh, his heart remains the same.

Every day is the Lord’s Day but for most Christian’s today is a day set aside for worship. Every man must make his choice. Pharaoh chose not to BUT GOD is worthy and I bow before Him to give my love, praise, honor, glory…to say You, Lord are my greatest treasure! here-i-am-to-worship-2-638

To Know Jesus as Lord and Savior

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