Call Jesus…


I am so thankful that God has given us the grace of prayer. A friend shared the following graphic with me in church today. Certainly, there is trouble in the land. Praying according to the Word is most effective. No matter what you are facing this day, perhaps there is a Scripture below that will bless and strengthen as you pray.




11 thoughts on “Call Jesus…

    1. Blessings today and thanks for your encouraged. I am so humbled and blessed by your nomination. It is a real blessing and encouragement to my heart. At this time, I have decided to be an award free site, praying to be all of Him and none of me. May God ever bless you in every regard!


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! This takes me back and to a place of quiet peace now. Thank for such a sweet peice of the past when my family walked close to the Lord ; way back in the mississippi delta freedom fighters days. Only Jesus could have changed the things I remember as a child. We did a lot of calling on Jesus and he heard our cries, seen our pain and knew our anxious throughts. There is no other name we can call on but Jesus and how thankful I am we can call on that great name Jesus. Bless you for your labor in the Lord.

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