I will tell of all Your wonderful deeds

psalm-9-1Exodus 17
13 So Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword.
14 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write this on a scroll as something to be remembered and make sure that Joshua hears it, because I will completely blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven.”

I just love how God works and we end up here on today, just before Thanksgiving Day. As believers, everyday is Thanksgiving Day but I believe the Lord wants us to stop and focus on life with a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude.

The verses above begin with the victory the Amalekites has just experienced by the hand of God. They overcame their enemy because God fought for them. Verse 14 says, THEN…after the victory…THE LORD said to Moses, He gives specific instructions. The Lord said more than just give me a quick thanks, instead He said the following:

  • write this victory down
  • remember this victory
  • make sure Joshua hears it

Now, some of us are writers. We love to journal and capture our thoughts. I know for me to journal helps me to get to my next thought. It is as though the Lord takes the pen and instead of getting stuck, when He is done He moves me to the next one.

The Lord wants this victory written down that it would be remembered through the ages and even now it is bringing blessings to us. The question is obvious, what are you and I writing down that will be a blessing to those who come after us? Our influence does not have to end when we depart for glory. I journal not only for me but so my grands, and great-grands, and great-great-grands will one day read through a page and know my heart for God…and better yet, know God’s great heart for me, for them, for the world and be influenced for Christ and encouraged in their journey.

I know, I know…some of us do not like to write and no amount on encouraging you to do so will work so I would like to at least encourage you to make sure the work of God in your life will be written well deep in your heart and that you will seek opportunities to share and speak of the Lord’s great love, amazing grace, tender mercy, abundant power for provision, protection, deliverance, compassion, healing, comfort and on and on.

We should take note of verse 14, “make sure Joshua hears it.” It is instruction for us as well. Make sure that our children, those we lead, those within our sphere of influence, those sitting around our tables and who we will fellowship with these next few days…make sure they hear the story of Jesus, hears the victory over the cross, death, and the grave. They should hear as well our own stories of victory over the enemy even after we were saved.

It is so easy to run the list and well, we should. Please don’t misunderstand, the list should be run and our hearts should overflow with thanksgiving and gratitude. The love, grace, and mercy of the Holy God should never be taken for granted, that we have a roof over our psalm-26-7head, clothes on our backs, a sound mind, a reasonable portion of health and strength, a job, family who loves us, and etc. Praise God for we live, move, and have our being in Him

There are other stories as well…stories like this one in Exodus 17. When the “stuff” of life suddenly came upon us and the Great God I Am That I Am did battle for us! It was only His power that healed our bodies, brought comfort when a loved one departed and we were not quite ready, kept our job in the midst of a company reorganization, healed our marriages, delivered us from addictions, kept our child when in prison, took the cloud of depression, took us off the street, won the court case, brought justice, kept every promise…these stories must be told to the glory of God and the blessing and benefit of others.

The Lord had reason for Joshua to know. Joshua doesn’t know it yet, it is well in the future but one day he will be leader of the Israelites. The Amalekites will appear again and the Lord wants to implant in Joshua’s heart now that no enemy is greater than the One True and Living God! When the Israelites get to the Promised Land, there will be many a battle that Joshua and company  must fight. The Lord will use this story to help Joshua understand that it was not what he was doing down in the field that brought victory but what God can do through the obedience of one man who trusts, obeys, and leans on the Lord. God uses this story to have  Joshua know that faith will overcome fear every time. 

We have no idea how God will use our stories but He commands us to tell them and we can trust that He will use them to display His love and glory! I am praying for opportunities to tell God’s story and I pray you will join me in asking God to give you opportunities as well.


To Know Jesus as Lord and Savior

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14 thoughts on “I will tell of all Your wonderful deeds

  1. Another post which is well written! Thank you for sharing thoughts about the things God has blessed us with at this time of year, and every day…as you have said!


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