Holding to the Word…

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Today, I am reblogging a reblog from January 2, 2016 that encouraged us to have one word that was our focus for the year rather than a resolution. It was most effective for me. The number of times that God brought the word, “fixed” to my heart and mind would be too many to count. I pray that you will take time to read or re-read the blog and allow God to plant a word in your heart and mind.

I most admit that “fixed” was such a blessing to me last year that I was going to keep it for next year but God convicted me today. This was my decision and not His. 🙂 So I am praying for the Scripture to support the word that I believe He has given me.

Last year’s post:

Blessings today! This post was a reblog that really touched my heart. My word for the year is “fixed”. The Bible verse that anchors this word is Hebrew 12:2, “fixing our eyes on J…

Source: Holding to the Word…


To know Jesus as Lord and Savior

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