Bless the Lord – 3


Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    and all that is within me,
    bless His holy name!
Psalm 103:1

Psalm 103 gives us an illustration of offering the Lord fervent, passionate blessings. We see David do more than bless the Lord with just his lips as he calls on his entire being to participate.

In verse 1, he speaks to his soul – the soul is where a man’s mind, will, and emotions lie. The fact that the mind and will is included is awesome to me. It proves David’s conscious choice to bless the Lord. He is not under compulsion. No one is standing over him saying you must bless the Lord or else.

David says it is my will, my decision, my choice, my desire to bless the Lord. I am going to bless the Lord not only with my mouth but I am calling my mind and my emotions into action as I do. He speaks to his total being and commands every part to bless the Lord.

David calls on his soul because he doesn’t want his praise to be surface only, a going through motions, lacking heart and intelligence causing it to be shallow and empty. The Lord is great and greatly to be praised. He is worthy of so much more.

He also realizes that even with his soul involved, he needs something more to bless the Lord in the manner that the Lord deserves, and so David calls to his spirit man, his inmost being, the deepest part of himself because he desires to bless, to worship the Lord and he knows it must be done in Spirit and in Truth. 

How blessed we are to be able to engage the inner man that has been reborn of the Spirit of God as we honor and acknowledge with affection and gratitude the One who created us, redeemed us, forgave us, and made us His sons and daughters.

The spirit man is what directly relates man to God; it gives those who have believed and received Jesus as Lord and Savior, the capacity to enter into His presence to fellowship and commune with the Holy God, Spirit to spirit and David is desiring to that right now. I pray it is the desire of every blood bought child of God – fervent, passionate, soul rendering, Spirit-filled blessing of the Holy God.

The bottom line is this – David says: ‘I am body, I am soul, and I am spirit and I call to ‘all’ that I am – my heart, my spirit, my will, my emotions, my affections, my understanding, my intelligence, my memory, my thoughts, my feelings, my conscience, my passion, my desires, my hope, my hand, my feet, my lips, my brain, my legs, my everything – body, soul and spirit – to hallow and delight in the Holy and Excellent Name of the Lord. 

“Many are our faculties, emotions, and capacities, but God has given them all to us, and they ought all to join in chorus to His praise.” ~ Charles H. Spurgeon


To know Jesus as Lord and Savior

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7 thoughts on “Bless the Lord – 3

  1. I really appreciate your analogy of the first verse of Psalm 103. This is the way I always desire bless the Lord. The deepest part of my being the lift up his name in holy praise. He is worthy of nothing less from us. God bless you I do so enjoy your messages every morning. They are a great way to start the day.

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  2. A very good look at the complete being and how we should be worshiping and praising the Lord. And we should be so sincere in our faith that we willingly give all of ourselves to the Lord, not only in praise but in every phase of our lives…good post!


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