Wisdom Wednesday

Revelation 1.4-8

Blessings today! It is Wisdom Wednesday and I am blessed and excited! I prayed, took my seat, and as I started to type, I received clear direction for this blog..what a blessing! It is Revelation praise day! Rejoice in the Lord as He speaks – no quotes today, just the Word of God from the Book of Revelation! Celebrate, celebrate Jesus!!!Revelation 1.5

Revelation 4.11Revelation 1.17-18Revelation 5.9Revelation 5.12Revelation 5.13Revelation 7.17Revelation 11.17Revelation 12.10Revelation 15.3

Revelation 19.1Revelation 19.16Revelation 22.12-13


Rejoice, Rejoice, our Redeemer lives!
Selah! Shout Now – HALLELUJAH!!!

To Know Jesus as Lord and Savior

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16 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

      1. It is a pleasure to read many of your posts. I know they are from your heart and sincere. Yes, Revelation is a unique look into the might and majesty of the Holy Trinity, especially the worthiness of Jesus as the Savior!

        May God love and keep you today…


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